Whether you want to catch up or get ahead in Calculus, My Private Professor is here to help!  Our Calculus math tutors in USA are experts in all of the topics covered in Calculus, AP Calculus AB, & AP Calculus BC, including the following topics for AP Calculus AB:

  • How limits help us to handle change at an instant
  • Definition and properties of limits in various representations
  • Definitions of continuity of a function at a point and over a domain
  • Asymptotes and limits at infinity
  • Reasoning using the Squeeze theorem and the Intermediate Value Theorem
  • Defining the derivative of a function at a point and as a function
  • Connecting differentiability and continuity
  • Determining derivatives for elementary functions
  • Applying differentiation rules
  • The chain rule for differentiating composite functions
  • Implicit differentiation
  • Differentiation of general and particular inverse functions
  • Determining higher-order derivatives of functions
  • Identifying relevant mathematical information in verbal representations of real-world problems involving rates of change
  • Applying understandings of differentiation to problems involving motion
  • Generalizing understandings of motion problems to other situations involving rates of change
  • Solving related rates problems
  • Local linearity and approximation
  • L’Hospital’s rule
  • Mean Value Theorem and Extreme Value Theorem
  • Derivatives and properties of functions
  • How to use the first derivative test, second derivative test, and candidates test
  • Sketching graphs of functions and their derivatives
  • How to solve optimization problems
  • Behaviors of Implicit relations
  • Using definite integrals to determine accumulated change over an interval
  • Approximating integrals using Riemann Sums
  • Accumulation functions, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, and definite integrals
  • Antiderivatives and indefinite integrals
  • Properties of integrals and integration techniques
  • Interpreting verbal descriptions of change as separable differential equations
  • Sketching slope fields and families of solution curves
  • Solving separable differential equations to find general and particular solutions
  • Deriving and applying a model for exponential growth and decay
  • Determining the average value of a function using definite integrals
  • Modeling particle motion
  • Solving accumulation problems
  • Finding the area between curves
  • Determining volume with cross-sections, the disc method, and the washer method
  • And more!

Our math calculus online tutors are experts in all of the additional topics covered in AP Calculus BC, including:

  • Finding derivatives of parametric functions and vector-valued functions
  • Calculating the accumulation of change in length over an interval using a definite integral
  • Determining the position of a particle moving in a plane
  • Calculating velocity, speed, and acceleration of a particle moving along a curve
  • Finding derivatives of functions written in polar coordinates
  • Finding the area of regions bounded by polar curves
  • Applying limits to understand convergence of infinite series
  • Types of series: Geometric, harmonic, and p-series
  • A test for divergence and several tests for convergence
  • Approximating sums of convergent infinite series and associated error bounds
  • Determining the radius and interval of convergence for a series
  • Representing a function as a Taylor series or a Maclaurin series on an appropriate interval
  • And more!

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